With the onset of the third most impacting revolution succeeding agricultural revolution and industrial revolution: The digital revolution changed the courses of many industries and markets forever.

The marketing industry by itself has changed and this change seems irreversible. Reaching out to a crowd, who don’t subscribe to daily newspapers, who are hooked up to their phones muting themselves from reality through their headphones helped in inception the of a new marketing technique called Digital Marketing.

This type of crowd seems to be expanding in numbers day by day. People are more enthusiastic about a viral online advertisement than a cartoon in a daily. This expansion, good or bad, has made it mandatory for companies to have their internet marketing strategy ready.Facebook, Instagram, pop-up ads have been the right replacement to hoardings, standees for many new ventures and start-ups. Players like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter have their roots deep into this kind of online marketing and have facilitated digital advertising in their platforms.

This revolution also helped in creating many new occupations and roles. Among them, The DIGITAL STRATEGIST or a Digital marketing person is one

ROLES of A Digital Strategist

Selecting the target audiences, right demography, accurate location, correct platforms is the key role of a digital strategist.The concept line creation, content creation, art and visual creation is still valid in this kind of marketing. But the content has to be precise and short, creative artwork should be very attractive and engaging. This leads to a whole new concept of engaging the target audiences with games, quiz, blogs etc, The strategist should closely work with the graphic designer, video editor, content writer to achieve the desired outcome of a campaign. Digital strategist should also have in-depth knowledge of how a search engine works, what is it’s algorithm, what is the strategy in your showing ads etc, This knowledge leads to SEO(search engine optimization).

Social Media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing are some important aspects that a digital strategist should keep in his/her mind.

The paramount importance we, at lens interactive studio Pvt Ltd, give is on how to convey about the product we are selling in a concise, attractive and engaging format. We have experienced digital strategists who know the length, width and depth of online marketing, creative graphic designers, video editors and content writers who can help your products and services attain success.

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