High in those pubs surrounded by all the IT parks, you would have certainly heard these coveted, fancied terms like  UI/UX, digital marketing, web designing however high you were. At the “startup ” scenes of Bangalore, every stone you throw is likely to either land on a web developer, UI/UX designer or a pothole.
Ever wondered what these terms UI/UX mean.
These are not rocket science, these are just modern day digital age terms used instead of human-machine interactions and ergonomics. In fact, ergonomics and the study of human-machine interactions exist since the inception of the industrial revolution.
UX refers to user experience design while UI refers to user interface design.
Yes, I can see that you’re still confused.
UX basically deals with analytical and technical stuff while UI deals with graphic designing and presentation part of a digital product.
Imagine the product as a house which is under construction. The structural engineer who gives a shape, analyze the load, decide where to have the beams, columns, and pillars, is the UX  engineer and after the completion the person who decides which color goes on the house, interior decorations etc is the UI engineer.
At Lens Interactive Studio Pvt Ltd, we have some passionate UI, UX engineers who are fuelled by creativity, logic and design thinking.
Our expertise and experience in this field can help you to create those much-needed experiences and interfaces which can take your business to newer heights.
 We are also a patient bunch, we listen to you, interact with you to make your product as beautiful as your idea.

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